Lost City

The fantasy kingdom of Lentari (introduced in Jeffrey Poole’s Bakkian Chronicles series) comes to life once again, in this acclaimed series.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 366
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


Lukas, a young dwarf, narrowly averts tragedy while attending a class by the master craftsman Maelnar, falling into the forge’s fire. Amazingly, he comes away from the near miss with only a mark on his back. The mark is not quite a burn. But it is disfiguring and embarrassing to the family, and it’s not fading away, so his father, Venk, takes young Lukas to consult the most respected wizard in the kingdom. They learn this mysterious mark is part of a Questor’s Mark, a sort of roadmap to an adventure that had long been the dream of many—to find the Lost City of Nar.

Tales abound about the riches of Nar and the unsurpassed skills of that dwarven community, but no one has been there and no Narians seem to have survived. What happened? And how will Venk and the search party find the series of additional clues in order to complete the map? For completing the quest is the only way young Lukas will be free of the awful mark, and the only way his people will learn the answers to the age-old questions.