Lost & Found

A Fairy Tale of Pride & Prejudice
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 73
Fairy Tales | Short Reads


Sisters. Chaos at home. A father who isn’t paying attention. A powerful hero, whose behaviour is anything but heroic. Sound familiar? Some of our favourite characters from Pride & Prejudice star in this story set in Fairy Tale England, where enchantments—of the magical and of the heart—meet.
Once upon a time, there lived two sisters. Jane was fair, with mild blue eyes and hair the colour of corn silk. Elizabeth had long, dark, thick curls and eyes the startling green of a spring glade. Soon after the arrival of an evil stepmother, the girls found themselves starving and alone in the woods.
Their fairy tale ending is not easy to accomplish as one sister disappears into the home of a witch and the other sister—the valiant Elizabeth—is set to work as her slave. Wickedness is all around, and only by working with, and trusting, the cursed master of Pemberley can she break free of her captor, and release her sister and her beloved Darcy from the spells cast by the witch.