Mask of the Fallen

From the ashes of fate, a legend rises.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Series: War Priest
Pages: 504
Arthurian Fantasy | Asian


Arik Dacre never thought he’d become the reincarnation of the War Priest, nor did he think he’d befriend an irritable water spirit or a mysterious master illusionist.

But destiny can be funny like that.

Does Arik have what it takes to survive?

From Harmon Cooper, author of the instant bestseller Pilgrim, as well as the LitRPG series Cowboy Necromancer and The Feedback Loop, comes a Japanese mythology inspired cultivation epic for fans of CradleDemon Slayer, and Ghost of Tsushima. Using recently translated ninja and samurai texts to build its combat and chi system, War Priest is a unique work in the fantasy space, a story about a chi healer forced to use learn to use his power in new and frightening ways.