Mia Evers and the Demon’s Curse

Mia Evers never expected school to be easy, but the demon haunting homeroom totally complicates things.
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Mia Evers
Pages: 340
Coming of Age | Metaphysical Fantasy


Going to a new school sucks. Trying to fit in as a Dark sucks more. All the other alignments enjoy an easy, normal life of wielding the elements or communing with plants, animals, and spiritual beings. But Darks? Ghosts and demons give them zero personal space, not to mention the creeps.

Right as things seem to be getting normal, the homeroom demon spreads a deadly curse. With no one to turn to for help, Mia’s the only person in the whole school with the power to fight demons and save her classmates.

Can Mia find the courage to embrace her totally not-normal demon-slaying powers before the demon decides she’s next on the menu?