Midnight Rider

Hell’s first work release program; killing monsters to save souls. With time running out, can she outrun her demons and save the day?
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 353
Dark Fantasy | Urban Fantasy


Always read the fine print. Especially when you’re making a deal with the devil. That’s how they got me and my entire hometown. Luckily, those jokes about lawyers and Hell are pretty accurate.

After a lengthy court case downstairs, I’ve been sent topside in Hell’s very first work-release program. All I have to do is hunt down and kill things that go bump in the night; monsters, and demons, and cryptids, oh my! If I kill enough to meet my quota, the souls of the townsfolk will be set free. If I don’t, we all stay downstairs…permanently.

So, no pressure or anything. On top of that suck salad, a tribe of cannibals are looking to put me on the menu, a pair of murderous fairies are taking people joy-riding, and I’ve got a teenage hitchhiker with ‘Firestarter’ vibes riding shotgun. Last but not least, a big daddy demon is hellbent on taking me back downstairs ahead of schedule.

But I’ve got Peeps, whiskey, and a sawed-off shotgun. What more does a gal need to do the job?