Millennium of the Ocean Serpent

witness the breathtaking, meteoric rise of the legendary Kezz’arg Dynasty, and the world that knew their name well.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 343
Dark Fantasy | Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


A millennium before the death of Kwisus Kezz’arg, our tale begins, just 50 years after the Great Adversity, a cataclysmic climate disaster that largely destroyed the corrupt Vannunkye in physical form, and freed humanity from the dark gods that once played with them as toys.

When a mysterious and disfigured young man washes up on the shores of Upper Sendya, under bizarre circumstances, he changes the fate of the world forever. Kalligus happens to fulfill an obscure prophecy from the followers of Heaven’s Ocean and the Ocean Serpent religion, making him both a legend and a target of powerful tribes. His confidence only grows stronger, as his cunning wiles and ambition take him to heights undreamed of. First, he must overthrow the ruling class of Sendovians, but his greatest enemies may dwell in his own heart–and his own court.

On other islands and continents, the rest of the world rebuilds in their own chosen images. In the Northeast, the Colders worship Absttathon, the rugged blizzard god, and they see Blizzard’s Zenith as the point where life begins. They inhabit a dangerous realm, but it forges the hardest of men. Vinn Sleethammer rules with a cold but pragmatic heart and two good swords, but numerous factions are pushing into the milder lands nearby. The War of Many is about to consume everyone in the East. The aftermath will alter many fates, including those in the West.

Delve into the rich, enthralling history of this universe, and learn the esoteric origins of your favorite families and characters in this first entry to the prequel trilogy.

A few secretive, fuming Vannunkye remain in this world, and they wish to return to their place as the overlords of mankind. Many audacious humans believe they can harness such power for their own ends, but conjuring the Vannunkye is like trying to pet a porcupine…and conjuring the dark lord, Lyawaath, is deadlier still.

A legendary chronicle of the mythic origins, wars, religions, nations, empires, and politicians that paved the way for General Voxinus’s triumph in 967 A.G.A., an old sage recounts a brief history of this world. We kindly invite you to explore this dark and exciting period–the Millennium of the Ocean Serpent…