Mr. Drake and My Lady Silver

‘Twas Winter Solstice – very almost Christmas – when some strange events came to pass…’
Pages: 252
Fairy Tales


Lincoln, 1812. Working his fingers to the bone in his drunken father’s pastry shop, Phineas Drake can only dream of a better life. And dream he does, for naught else awaits this baker’s boy but a life of drudgery, and want.

But things are about to change, and forever. Delivering plum-cakes in the dark of a winter’s dawn, he sees a mysterious lady darting through the snow — alone, and in trouble. She is no dream; what can he do but follow?

She’s a vision out of a fairytale: My Lady Silver, beautiful, enigmatic – and angry. Grieving for a betrayed sister, on the trail of a traitor, Ilsevel will travel the length and breadth of England to set things right.

Caught up in the chaos of Ilsevel’s quest, Phineas is far out of his depth — or is he? For the baker’s boy is clever, and fiercely loyal. Already a force to be reckoned with, My Lady Silver’s nigh-on unstoppable with Phineas at her side. And she’ll need to be, for her quest will take her deep into the lawless depths of the Hollow Hills…