My Gallant Duke

“When you find the one, you never give up…”
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 466
Regency Romance


Selina strives to keep her family afloat since her father’s death. Forced to economise down to the last penny, lavish gifts mysteriously start arriving at her house. Selina suspects who is behind the gifts and she finds herself despising him more than ever before…

Daniel is a bachelor, who is seemingly uninterested to marry. Crossing paths with Selina, he can remember the irritation the young lady caused him. As time passes, though, he realises there is something more under those pretences…

With her sister being trapped in an inappropriate courtship, Selina and Daniel embark on a mission to save her and bring her home safely. As the two face an impossible duty, they start feeling the fireworks of the past reigniting within them…