Necromancer’s Curse

Death becomes the Rogue Elf's greatest ally...
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 226
Coming of Age | Epic Fantasy


Kealin’s blades still reek from the blood of Vakron-Tur. He defeated the dark wizard but lost his elder brother. The dark god Vankou’s voice resonates in his mind and he struggles to control what little of himself that remains. Now being so close to reaching his sister but with so much lost already, he wonders what end will come from his struggles.

Journeying south with his companions, he meets Veora, a beautiful but sadistic necromancer. As an acolyte of the Five and a student from the High Sanctum of magic, she agrees to lead them to her masters. But while this practitioner of death magic knows what Kealin seeks, he senses a presence about her. Something she is hiding…

When it comes to magic, is necromancy no more than another path to life or a shadow of a darker and all-consuming evil?

Kealin won’t expect the truth to all that has transpired.