Neon Sands

The stars brought life to the planet, and the stars destroyed it.
Series: Neon
Pages: 286
Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic | Dystopian


It was ash on fingertips, and vast. Stepping upon it gave the impression that it had come not from below, buffed by millions of years of wind slicing against rock, but rather from above; that perhaps it had drifted down and settled here.This is the post-apocalyptic sandscape that Calix and Annora must navigate – when they’re old enough to join the scavenger crews outside of the domes, that is.

They’ve spent their entire lives within Sanctum, the domed town that protects them from the dangerous sands that storm against the curved wall. But they are orphans, with questions about their heritage. With a childhood that prepares them to become scavengers. With a father figure in Kirillion who has an agenda all of his own – just what are they searching for when the scavenger crews depart?

All grown up, they join Walker’s crew, scouring the sand in giant Crawlers, ready to dig. When an accident unlocks childhood memories and murder, questions arise within the crew about where their allegiances lie, and what their true purpose is. And then their search hits the big time.