No Place Like Home

This high school reunion will NOT result in reuniting with the love of my life. Right?
Genre: Romance
Pages: 214
Clean & Wholesome Romance | Romantic Comedy | Small Town


Heading back to Charlotte Oaks for my high school reunion is pretty much the last thing I want to do.

Not because I don’t miss my quirky family or the quirkier town I grew up in, but because the man whose heart I broke will be there, and I know without a doubt that facing him after all this time will be torturous.

So, I plan to avoid him like the plague, do the reunion, then head back to Nashville where I belong. Except … I haven’t felt like I belonged there in a long time.

Then, my plan to avoid Everett crashes and burns when I literally crash my car on my way into town, and he rides in like a knight on a shining tow truck to save me. Looking hotter than ever in that mechanic’s jumpsuit, I might add.

But the heat in his eyes when he looks at me has as much bitterness as it does longing, and all I want to do is make his pain go away.

Because no matter how much fame and fortune are waiting for me back in Nashville, there’s no place like home.

And Everett Wilson has always been mine.