No Time to Cry

What if all your nightmares were real?
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 326
Children Books | Coming of Age


When 16-year-old twins Terryn and Trigg discover the latter’s unusual nightmares are tied to reality, they embark on an epic adventure into the dream dimensions to save each other.

Along the way, they must discover the good, the evil, and the magic inside themselves. If they don’t, they will risk losing more than just each other. For they weren’t the only ones from Earth who traversed the dimensions. An ancient evil—imprisoned between worlds for a millennium—has escaped and once again lurks in the nightmares of all those who sleep.

No Time to Cry is Book 1 of The Dream Guardian Series, an epic fantasy adventure, that will appeal to teen and adult readers who want to discover wondrous worlds that exist just beyond the boundaries of Earth.