Not in the Cards

Welcome to Oracle Bay, the town where the local psychics were already expecting you!
Genre: Library | Romance
Pages: 242
Psychic Suspense


Oracle Bay has always attracted the preternaturally clairvoyant. When anyone with seers’ blood in their veins steps foot in this quaint coastal town, their powers awaken. They receive a visit from the Psychics Union, and shenanigans ensue.

Sandy Franklin is on the run from her old life and her almost-ex-husband. Lured to Oracle Bay by a too-cheap-to-be-believable apartment with attached tarot reader shop, she has found new friends and a job she didn’t know was possible. Hiding from her past while building a new future.

When Vincent, the handsome stranger who owns most of Main Street, announces he’s selling Oracle Bay to stave off personal problems, Sandy and the other resident psychics devise a plan to save the town using their divination skills and a little old-fashioned sleuthing.

The one thing Sandy couldn’t predict was how hard she’d fall for the one man who could crush Oracle Bay and her hopes for a new life without blinking an eye… Will Sandy get a second chance at true love with the man whose past might be even more dangerous than her own?