Not Quite a Duchess

A confident Duchess. A broken hero. With danger looming, will Anna and Pen uncover more than they bargained for?
Pages: 256
Victorian Romance


A determined Duchess…
Lady Anna Trevallyn, Duchess Wrexford, does not possess the typical qualities of the Boston elite. Confident and strong, she refuses to accept her place as a second-class citizen in a man’s world–especially when her best friend, Libby, unexpectedly disappears without a trace. Unwilling to leave it to the men to uncover, she’s determined to get answers.

A damaged Prince…
His Royal Highness, Prince Penforth Armstrong-Leeds, will do anything to locate his sister, Libby. Sharing resources, knowledge, and time with the beautiful and intelligent Lady Anna is an added advantage. Pen has secretly admired Anna from afar for years, but his war wound forces him to remain at bay.

An unlikely pair…
As Pen and Anna delve for answers beneath high society’s gilded exterior, their feelings for one another intensify. Now, they must navigate their strong feelings while locating Libby before her reputation is permanently destroyed. With time running out, will they uncover the truth before lives are lost and hearts broken?