On the Edge of Humanity

Vampires are born, not made. The gene that creates them lurks in human DNA.
Pages: 344


As a foster kid being bounced from home to home, I didn’t give much thought to the fanged members of the population.

Until my twin brother, Sam went missing.

Dragged into the principal’s office at my latest loathsome school, I meet the darkly appealing Webb London…

My world as I know it implodes. Part of a secret Navy SEAL team of natural-born vampires, Webb reveals an evil cartel has abducted Sam to claim an agent in his blood.

But what flows through his veins runs through mine as well.

A dormant gene, if activated, is all it will take to transform me into a vampire. Now, that could be my only hope to save Sam. Time is running out, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. His life, or my humanity?

One way or another, nothing will ever be the same.