One Sorcerer and a Sacrifice

You are cordially invited to the Hierophant Society. Black tie only. Bring your tarot card and don’t ask questions.
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 274
Coming of Age | Urban Fantasy


The letter has dropped out of thin air into my lap moments after I’ve been kicked out of my apartment. It can’t have come at a better time.

I’ve always had a wicked sense of adventure. And trouble’s basically my middle name at this point.

The black-tie part of the invite? That’s going to be a problem. But a secret society might be interesting, and I’ve got nowhere else to be.

When I’m introduced to the leader of the Hierophant Society—a devilishly handsome sorcerer who can summon fire with a click of his fingers—my normal ‘human’ world is shaken to its core. He’s offering me everything I’ve ever wanted. Adventure, acceptance, a world that’s steeped in intrigue and magic, and a place in his society.

The only question left is what does the ‘society’ want from me?