Order of the Omni

A sexy King who can’t die. An ancient prophecy. And a girl determined to survive both.
Pages: 342
Psychic Suspense


For thousands of years, a secret race of Immortals have been waiting for one thing: The Chosen One. She who bares the mark of the OMNI. The girl destined for the Immortal King. She who will free the Immortals from hiding in the shadows. There’s just one problem.

That girl is me.

And all I want is to be left alone. I’m happy with my simple life as a private investigator, with a few quirks—mostly my only friend, Topher, and the massive chip on my shoulder. But fate is a way bigger bitch than me. She doesn’t care about what I want, and neither does the frustratingly gorgeous, Immortal King. He’s chiselled like a Greek god and always around telling me what to do. Not that I listen, of course. That’s not my style.

Add in my new supernatural ability of hearing people’s thoughts, good and evil, and fate doesn’t just win the battle; she wins the whole damn war. There’s no going back now, just a desperate search for answers. Secrets from my past are coming to light in a way that threatens to tear me apart. I have no idea who to trust, or what the truth is. But I’m sure as hell going to find out.

All I need to do is find a way to be around people without my head exploding. Avoid being captured by a violent Immortal uprising. And most importantly, do not fall in love with the dangerously seductive King.
Piece of cake