Origins of Hope

The virus made them monsters...
Pages: 359
Colonization | Galactic Empire


Three years ago, Celeste’s world was perfect. She lived in the better part of Earth’s newest colony, she had loving parents, and she adored her younger brother, Zander. Then XIKs attacked and killed Celeste’s mother. Forced to relocate to a desolate part of the colony, Celeste attempted to help Zander control his emerging psychic abilities, but she soon realized that he needed more than she could give. Their newly-alcoholic father provided no assistance, so Celeste had to make a difficult decision that would mean never seeing her brother again.

Now there’s a chance to get off world…

Ayzize Nelowie belonged to a company of mercenaries that hunt XIKs and prevent the spread of the virus, and was the last person to see Celeste’s mother alive. Celeste wanted to become such a mercenary, which would mean getting off the dead-end colony she lived on, seeing the galaxy, and eradicating the monsters that killed her mother. Despite this, Ayzize resisted taking an apprentice. He claimed that his company was selective in recruits, and while the telekinetic Celeste believed she qualified, his company did not. Celeste feared she was destined to stay on the colony for the rest of her life, unable to leave or live up to the potential she knew she had.

Adults hide things they don’t want you to know…

Yet, Celeste had to wonder. There were things she had overheard when her mother was alive. Things that made little sense until they started coming true. The mercenary company Ayzize belonged to; why were they still around? XIKs were not as prevalent compared to centuries ago, and the galaxy now had a vaccine for the virus. Ayzize feigned ignorance, but if Celeste knew one thing, it was that adults hide things they didn’t want children to know.