Past Changes

This is not the world Chloe knows.
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 232
Time Travel


She is an aspiring actress, working in a London bar, living with Nat – her American lover she has known for two years. Or so she thinks.

When Chloe presses a button on Nat’s pendant, it transports her back to the previous day. She discovers Nat can travel through time; and warring factions from the twenty-second century are changing the past to help them win a future war – a war which she is incomprehensibly, inextricably linked to.

But how is Nat involved? Why is he lying to her? And what is the time anomaly which threatens Chloe’s life?

Torn by her mother’s request and her confusion over her new discoveries, Chloe must disentangle Nat’s web of lies and deception from his love and support, and decide which side she believes in.