Pixie Me Up

A strange inheritance, a screaming ghost, and a backward aging cat. Welcome to Pixie-hood!
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 162
Cozy Mystery | Wizards & Witches


When I arrive in Oakleaf Glade to claim an inheritance, I imagine it’ll run to a few hundred in a savings account. Instead, I receive an entire house!

I’d thank my lucky stars except for the experiences that come part and parcel with the arrangement. Things like my hair turning bright pink and trending skywards, or a kitten who I swear can understand me when I talk.

But when a ghost shrieks me awake at night, warning that if I stay I’ll die just like my great aunt Esmerelda, I’m ready to put my boots on. Except my inheritance runs deeper than a title deed, it’s lodged in my DNA. As the youngest daughter of a youngest daughter, I’m a Pixie, pink hair and all.

Luckily, I’ve made some fast friends in town already because I’ll need all the help I can get!