Planet Strike Tobruk

The flag of the Commonwealth flies over the impregnable Tobruk Citadel, even as its defences are pounded to rubble. Its colonial garrison holds on, but it cannot last forever.
Pages: 327
Hard Science Fiction | Space Fleet | Space Marine


Defeats throughout the Afari Sector have pushed the Commonwealth back, leaving only the garrison at Tobruk behind on the Novan desert planet of Kyrenaica. Surrounded on all sides, the beleaguered garrison refuses to yield, even as starfighters strafe its ports, and enemy assault walkers pound its damaged walls. Each day the garrison holds on gives the Commonwealth and its allies time to prepare for a counter offensive.

It has taken months, but with reinforcements from the failed Helenika campaign bolstering their numbers they’re finally ready to strike back against the Novan Republic and it’s Vrokan allies. Commonwealth starships advance through the system, while ground forces strike nearby moons and forward bases. It’s their largest offensive so far of the war as they sweep forward to Kyrenaica. Waiting for them in the shadows is a mysterious Vrokan commander, known only as the Desert Fox. A man who commands the respect of Novan and Vrokan soldier alike. And a man with no intention of abandoning Kyrenaica.