Power and Majesty

Immerse yourself in the glamorous, dangerous world of the Creature Court.
Pages: 533
Gaslamp Fantasy | LGBTQ+ Fantasy


Aufleur is a city of honey cakes, decadent ritual… and a secret war fought by an army of beautiful monsters. The Creature Court die and bleed to keep the daylight folk safe, but no one even knows they exist.

Who will be the new Power and Majesty of the Creature Court: a man who was broken and exiled from their world, or the woman who knows nothing of their ways? Neither of them wants to rule, but Ashiol is determined to train Velody to take his place, so that he can finally escape his destiny.

If you enjoy intrigue, devastating plot twists and sumptuous detail, you’ll adore this gaslamp fantasy trilogy inspired by the 1920s.