Prime Example

Even the best bounty hunter in the galaxy can be caught off guard.
Series: Rim Jumper
Pages: 263
Space Fleet | Space Opera


Attacked and left for dead in the blackness of space, bounty hunter Kole Anwynn races to pursue the ship that came out of nowhere. There are many in the galaxy who would want him dead, but his wounded pride won’t let him forgive any attempt.

When the trail leads him to a backwater planet on the galactic Rim, he goes in search of a local guide. He meets a young taxi driver, with pink dreadlocks and an equally vibrant personality, who uses her knowledge of the underworld to assist his hunt for the unknown assassin. From a small-time crime boss to a web of intrigue that spreads across dozens of systems, they have their work cut out for them. Treachery and betrayal await Kole, along with a choice that he never thought to face.

Will the end of his hunt be more unexpected than the beginning?