Quiet Kill

A Bone-Chilling, Serial Killer Thriller
Genre: Library | Thriller
Pages: 249
Crime Thriller | Private investigator | serial killers


The Unexpected Gift…
Troy receives a phone call from his great-uncle Jack. He has a gift for Troy and Eva and wants them to have it now instead of leaving it to them in his will. The gift is a mansion that’s over one hundred years old. The catch? It’s near the Badlands in South Dakota. Troy and Eva pack their bags and book a flight. They soon realize the ominous nature of the area they’re visiting and the deadly secrets that it contains.

He was Respected for His Knowledge…
Rex Carson is tall and handsome in a rugged sort of way. As an outdoor tour guide, he studies the lay of the land. People are amazed at his knowledge of the history that surrounds them. Some of the back trails are known only to him. He’ll show them to certain women, especially those who are younger versions of the woman who once betrayed him.

Bodies are Found, and Women are Missing…
Uncle Jack wants to show Troy and Eva the sites at the nearby national parks. Their vacation soon turns into a nightmare as dead bodies are discovered, and young women go missing in South Dakota’s historic landscape.