Red Stained Wood

Five years ago, the death of the King tore Kalwyn in two. In the aftermath of the war that followed, magic was outlawed.
Pages: 261
Coming of Age | Dark Fantasy


Today, Kalwyn is a country fractured. A corrupt politician rules with military might, magi are forced to conceal their powers and the remaining elves have retreated into the great forests.

When Penny Meadows’ father is summoned to the capital and fails to return, she leaves her village to bring him home. On her journey, she meets Rigel and Gordax, two swords-for-hire, Megan, a teenage thief, and Dylan, a mage living in self-imposed exile.

Penny soon discovers that her father’s disappearance is part of a larger, more sinister plot at the heart of Kalwyn. As the late King’s daughter approaches her eighteenth birthday, the factions seeking to control the country are forced into action.

When offered the choice, will the people of Kalwyn choose peace or chaos?