Rockstar Witch

Okay. You’re probably not going to believe this, but Charlotte is a magical librarian.
Pages: 186
Paranormal | Urban Fantasy


She’s got the obligatory glasses, wears tartan skirts, and can’t stand up for herself, even when pushed. But then she runs into the hottest vampire rockstar in the world… and he falls for her.
It doesn’t matter if you can’t believe it – neither can Charlotte. When Jake Carlisle has his true-mate response for her, she does anything to run, but there’s nowhere to hide, unfortunately. For Jake is a hunted man.
When strange things start happening to Charlotte and a new power arises, Jake will be the only one who can keep her safe. But you can’t save someone from destiny, no matter how hard you try.
When fate comes for Charlotte, it’ll come for the whole city, too, and anything that dares to stand in its way.