Rogue Pursuit

A smuggler, a spy, a brewing revolution…and a rogue agent who could destroy it all.
Pages: 378
Space Fleet | Space Marine | Space Opera


Perrin Hightower can fly a run-down freighter through the galaxy’s most dangerous wormholes blindfolded, a handy skill in her shipping business…and her smuggling enterprises.

Special agent Tai Lawson dreams of leading the Ruby Confederation’s spy agency. But when his partner steals a top-secret list of revolutionaries and vanishes, Tai’s accused of helping his friend escape.

When Tai seeks her navigation expertise, Perrin would rather jump out an airlock than help. But the missing person is her ex-boyfriend—a double agent she thought was helping the revolution. Her name’s on that list, and she’ll do anything to keep it secret.

Hiding their true agendas, Tai and Perrin follow the rogue spy’s trail across the galaxy. Each must decide where their allegiance truly lies when they learn the spy carries more than a list of conspirators—he carries information that could shatter the fragile peace in the galaxy.