Running from the Prince

I need a queen. I wanted her...until she ran.
Genre: Library | Romance
Pages: 229
Clean & Wholesome Romance | Coming of Age | inspiration


Prince Theo Kane has always known duty comes first. As crown prince of Valdoria, his priorities have been country and family above all. And that’s always been easy for him–until duty and the queen demand that he find a wife. However, he already tried proposing to the one woman he really wants, but she left him behind.

Alex Turner, aka Princess Alexandra Torre, fought her way to the top of the world’s most prestigious photography course. As long as no one figures out who she really is, her dream of being a photographer on Jacques Ledoux’s renowned crew is within her grasp. Nothing is going to hold her back, including her pesky feelings for a certain swoon-worthy royal.

When Theo’s and Alex’s paths collide, old feelings are reignited…but those feelings have burned them. Fool him once, shame on her.¬†Fool him twice?