Sage Gardens Cozy Mysteries Box Set

Who said retirement was boring? Join four unlikely friends as they solve perplexing murders in the seemingly idyllic retirement village and beyond.
Genre: Library | Mystery
Series: Box set
Pages: 1470
Cozy Mystery


When Samantha, Jo, Eddie and Walt moved into Sage Gardens they worried that retirement would be uneventful and lonely. They couldn’t have been more wrong. The four become loyal friends and join forces to combine their varied skills to do a little sleuthing. The Sage Garden Sleuths come from vastly different backgrounds and have a few secrets of their own, but in their quest for the truth they form a strong bond. They end up on more than a few fun adventures and in a whole lot of trouble.

This box set includes:

Birthdays Can Be Deadly
Money Can Be Deadly
Trust Can Be Deadly
Ties Can Be Deadly
Rocks Can Be Deadly
Jewelry Can Be Deadly
Numbers Can Be Deadly
Memories Can Be Deadly
Paintings Can Be Deadly
Snow Can Be Deadly