A Dying Race
Series: StarFighter
Pages: 315
First Contact | Space Fleet | Space Opera


The once-mighty Maurian Empire is crumbling before an unstoppable enemy, and Fleet Commander Mog is fighting to hold their last outpost. As the mysterious Ta’Krell press their assault on Sledgim’s gates, it seems only a miracle can save the Maurians from extinction.

Earth, 2250

Light-years away, humans have spread throughout the solar system and are forging ahead towards the stars. When the International Space Force’s secret starship propulsion program goes wrong, Morgan Greenfield, a teenage rally-car racer from Arizona, is flung into deep space. Not content to sit on the sidelines, Morgan and his friends vow to do everything they can to assist the crew of the Sagitta in hopes of seeing Earth again.

First Contact

No amount of training could prepare ace fighter pilot Jack Jones for taking on an alien armada. What can one lone Firefly do?Fight to the last! Jack can only hope the hotshot racer punks that hitch a ride on the ISF’s latest space ship can prove their worth in the cockpits of Earth’s most advanced starfighters.