The Memoirs of Keegan Miles

If you could go back in time and kill Hitler...should you?
Series: Saving Time
Pages: 86
Short Reads | Time Travel


Keegan Miles is a time-traveling assassin who is recruited to work for Spero – a secret organization that sends people back in time to fix history’s “mistakes.” The stakes are high and the missions are deadly, but Keegan is determined to create a better world than the one he’s currently living in.

At the top of the list is assassinating Adolf Hitler. Many Spero agents have tried, but none have been successful. Adam Nowak is tasked with recruiting and training Keegan to reach that goal, but before he can do that, he wants to take Keegan somewhere to show him what real history is like.

And it doesn’t get more real than Auschwitz, the infamous concentration camp that was responsible for over a million deaths.

What will Keegan see when he gets there and how will it change him? Find out the answers to that and more from this blockbuster new series from writer L.L. Raye.