Shakespeare’s Requiem

They thought he was dead. They’re going to wish he was.
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 444
Colonization | Dystopian | Hard Science Fiction | Space Opera


The colonies on Callisto lie in ruins, the survivors living in fear of the militias who have taken over. Refugees hide in underground shelters, struggling to cope as supplies run low. Their only hope lies with the negotiations taking place in the shattered city of Cielo, where envoys from Earth are trying to bring an end to the disastrous civil war. There is only one problem, and his name is Shakespeare Cruz.

Shakespeare is one of the refugees, and he’s been on the run for seven years. The part he played in the conflict remains a mystery, and he won’t talk about it. He only hopes that certain people have forgotten about him, so he can raise his daughter in peace.

But somebody is coming for him, somebody who remembers exactly what he did, and he’s going to make him pay with more than just his life. Shakespeare’s secret past is about to be blown open and a titanic struggle will begin that could decide the fate of the moon.