Silver Mage

When Aarin’s father dies, elemental fire answers to human command for the first time in three thousand years
Pages: 673
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


it is a promise of power that comes with a price. To fulfil his father’s dying wish and restore the lost magic of his world, Aarin must find the masters of that fire – the ancient dragons – who vanished from the world millennia ago, taking their magic with them.

But the world has changed, and when Aarin is confronted by a magic he thought lost forever, he finds himself in conflict with powerful forces intent on preventing the return of the dragons at all costs. And, deadlier still, the machinations of an age-old power that would sacrifice anything to see them returned, even the life of the man they have waited thousands of years to find.

Beset on all sides, Aarin must sort friend from foe and unravel the mysteries of a past long forgotten. To survive, he must discover why the dragons left and what they risked everything to destroy – before it destroys him.