In a city that never sleeps... Daria is about to wake up.
Pages: 348


Sixteen-year-old Daria Grayson lives in Progress, where a miracle-drug keeps the city awake and active around the clock. Calibrated by the Guild of Doctors, your daily dose helps you stay efficient and productive – the two most important virtues. Which is also why the Guidelines restrict sleep to just forty-five minutes per night. No exceptions.

But unfortunately for Daria, the ‘miracle-drug’ doesn’t feel so miraculous. Her daily dose is failing, and life as she knew it is slipping through her fingers – which includes any chance she had with Jake, her long-time crush. She’d give anything to feel normal again.

Thankfully, the Caxton-Meyers Institute can help. A few weeks at their facility and they promise she’ll be cured. As in, no more sleep. Ever.

But that’s when the voices start. And then the lies.

As a dark and sinister power rises within the city, something mysterious is awakening inside Daria. Now, torn between the life she’s always wanted and the one that’s calling her name, she’ll have to decide who to trust and what to believe before it’s too late…

Because the next time Daria closes her eyes, everything she knows will change.