Smoke and Fire

Bounty hunter John Smoke gets more than he bargained for when the search for a small-time thug reveals a dragon man.
Pages: 264
Urban Fantasy | Vampires | Werewolf


Sidney Smoke – FBI agent turned bounty hunter, retired monster slayer, wife, and mother of two – has made the most of the simple life, but when her husband returns from a mission with his life hanging by a thread, her old instincts are awakened.

Through inter-dimensional portals, winged dragon men invaders, dragons and shapeshifting monstrosities wielding otherworldly magical powers threaten the very existence of humanity. And it will take more than flesh and blood to stop them before they seal the world’s fate.

No matter what the cost, Smoke, Sid, and a handful of new allies must unearth ancient powers long buried – or see the life they know come to an explosive end.