Son of Two Bloods

For generations, the world of humans has suffered war, death, and devastation, unleashed upon the earth by the strange and mysterious race of darkings.
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 501
Epic Fantasy | Sword & Sorcery


Powerful and terrible; no one can stand against them. Those that try and do so, die. Many believe that the masked fiends serve someone even more powerful who dwells in the far east of the world, a god, perhaps, or a mighty sorcerer.
Into this troubled world, Brenyn is born. An unusual boy, he came into the world possessed of magic powers that he does not understand and cannot control.
Brenyn’s father was human, and his mother, who died at the moment of his birth, was, some believe, of the race of Sylvans, a magical folk.
But how can this be? Long ago, the gods decreed that humans and Sylvans, should they mate, could not conceive a child, for they feared that a union of the two Great Gifts – human will and Sylvan magic – would produce someone, either male or female, who would be different, powerful, like unto the gods themselves – someone… like Brenyn.