To save her family, Kaishi fights a desperate war for survival against enemies from Earth and far beyond. Meanwhile, an alien warrior must choose between his honor and his orders as his love faces a fate worse than death.
Pages: 254
Colonization | Space Exploration


Caught between warring factions, Kaishi and her tribe face extinction. When a burning meteor lights up the night, Kaishi investigates and finds a creature with answers for everything, with secrets that could let Kaishi save her people. All Kaishi has to do is follow Its orders, no matter where they might lead.

Sax leads a final assault against the galaxy’s most hated enemy, one that holds surprises deep inside its besieged ship. With his claws, teeth, and tail, Sax is a living weapon, but some evils are not so easily erased. He must hunt down every last one, and if Sax survives the assault, he’ll turn his eyes to Earth.

Starshot is the first book in The Skyward Saga, a completed sci-fi adventure series that features mind-bending alien encounters, far-future action, devious villains, and a heroine that won’t stop fighting.