Stealing Glass

A Cinderella Retelling
Pages: 395
Fairy Tales | Romantic Fantasy


What if Cinderella was a thief,

the fairy godmother evil,

…and the prince only wanted to marry to get his revenge?

Vanya longs to escape Tal, the City of the Dead, and the suffocating debts weighing her down. As her stepfather’s interest rate increases, she turns to thievery to secure her freedom. Her task? Steal the glass crown at the crown prince’s betrothal ball before midnight, and she’ll finally break free. But Vanya soon discovers she bears a striking resemblance to the missing foreign bride, and her employer desires not just the crown, but control over the one who wears it.

This summer, worse things than the usual dead roam the streets of Tal, while sinister forces seeking to topple the royals and rebels gather in the night, waiting for their chance to strike. All sides agree: the wedding must proceed—even if no one survives to see the dawn.