Tales from Another World

Follow an evil, undead sorcerer as he finalizes his master plan.
Pages: 55
Dark Fantasy


Watch with strange mermaids as ships pass through treacherous waters.

Witness the last moments of a witch while her cursed lover watches from the balcony.

Flea from a druid grove under attack.

Follow a monk as his mission turns from simple exorcism to undying terror.

Stumble upon a forest god and watch as a child is judged by her half-druid, half-barbarian lineage.

See haunting memories preserved within the City of Embers through the eyes of a child and her traveling family.

Volume 1 contains the following stories:

The Final Ritual of Sircius Everdeath

Under the Waters of Digsonee Strait

On the Crimes of Hexing and Bewitchment

A Final Plea upon Still Waters

The Crypt of St. Lillian

The Blessing of the Autumn Herald

City of Embers