Tangled In Time

A free-spirited artist, a wandering astronomer, and an instant connection. Is their future painted in the stars?
Genre: Romance
Pages: 163
Contemporary Romance | Time Travel


Perhaps. But landscape painter Blair Silvestri hasn’t time for stargazing—or love. It’s her immediate, more precarious situation that she needs to focus on for now. Without a job or money, she faces a one-way trip back home to New Zealand to face her father’s smug ‘I told you so’. And a cheating ex hasn’t left her confident in her judgments about men.

Daniel Tremayne spends his life looking skyward. Maybe that’s why he’s made such a mess of all his relationships so far. And why he’s decided it’s probably best to accept living the lonely life of a nomadic scientist—until the night at a remote Scottish castle, when a beautiful stranger literally falls at his feet.

But what if the same trick of time that so abruptly threw them together also threatens to tear them apart?