Taquida Falls

Not every legend is imagined
Pages: 277
Angel Romance | Metaphysical Fantasy


Emily Hargreaves loves the simple life. Working as a nurse at the local hospital she lives with her trusty dog, Jay-Lo, in the mountains just outside Taquida Falls. On one of her early mourning runs, Emily finds herself facing death and she begins to questions her faith. When it seems all hope is lost a mysterious stranger appears and saves her.

When tragedy strikes the small town of Taquida Falls, and Emily’s estranged father’s life hangs in the balance, she and her friends set off on a journey that will change their lives forever. Will she get to save him in time? Will she even get to say goodbye? Time is running out and Emily doesn’t know if they can do it on their own.

There is one who can help them all, but does she dare open herself up to that which she has refused to believe all her life?