The Art of Loving Libby Green

Seventeen-year-old Dylan Marshall is practically invisible.
Genre: Romance
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 247
Contemporary Romance | Romantic Comedy


Seventeen-year-old Dylan Marshall is practically invisible.
No-one knows he is homeless and caring for his alcoholic father – and no-one knows he’s the infamous street artist Xavier, whose portraits are painted all over town.
Dylan’s only glimmer of hope is the chance to win a place in his dream art school. It’s his one chance to escape, and his last chance at a life away from the streets.
But Dylan didn’t count on Libby Green.
When the overachieving do-gooder catches him graffitiing, Dylan is sure his art-school dreams are over. Instead, Libby offers him a bargain: help her with an art project, in exchange for her silence.
Libby Green is not what Dylan expected. And the longer they spend together, the harder it is to guard the truth of his life.
Dylan never expected to have another secret: the girl who could ruin everything makes his soul beam every colour imaginable.