The Bear

While Russia and China plan an attack on the United States, a young woman in Alaska finds herself caught in the FBI’s cross-hairs.
Pages: 276


Sierra Forester returns home for a wedding – and finds herself in the center of an FBI investigation. She discovers her university friends are not who she thought they were… and they’ve left her in a perilous predicament. Soon, she learns it’s hard to hide in today’s interconnected, wired world. Her nemesis resides in her cell phone, her computer, and even in the satellite eyes in the sky. How can a person totally disappear?

A quiet, reclusive stranger has moved to the tiny Southeast Alaskan island she calls home. Can Sierra trust him? Or anyone?
Meanwhile, Russia and China prepare to launch a war against the United States. A sleepy administration is slow to respond. Will they wake up in time to save the country? Or will the nation collapse into the waiting jaws of the Russian bear and the Chinese dragon?