The Bonding

As the only child of the dragoneer, Trysten has a strong connection to the dragons of the village weyr.
Pages: 337
Coming of Age


When her father is injured and can no longer lead the dragons into battle, he must choose his successor. Trysten wants the job, but tradition forbids women from holding the title.

A new dragoneer must be named quickly. Winter is waning, and the mountain passes will soon open. On the other side, the kingdom’s enemies wait with firebreath and bowstrings ready.

When Trysten’s father chooses her childhood friend as the new dragoneer, Trysten sets aside her own ambitions in order to save the village. She uses her connection to the dragons to help her friend bond with the alpha before it’s too late. But the alpha dragon is not bound by tradition and has ideas of her own.

Enjoyed by fans of Anne McCaffrey, the first book in The Dragoneer series is a full-length novel featuring strong women, hope for a better future, and an unfolding supernatural mystery appropriate for most ages.