The Book of Ruein

Sister | Wife | Mother | Necromancer
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 508
Arthurian Fantasy


Rue Khorana is no stranger to the dark, taking in what others fear and making it her own. Yet, few who venture the underside of magic come away unshaded.

Liv Khorana, a foul-mouthed Lightbringer, must ride alongside with what her sister-in-law has become. The divine aligns with the blasphemous. For the only way their family, their children, their home will ever be safe is if somehow they uncover a hidden evil.

Something unseen, ancient, stalks the city of Vandraport. Searching, waiting for the right stock. An overwhelming threat which has come for Rue. Faced with losing all she loves, an unimaginable trade will be offered. All she must do…

…is die.

You already know this world. Now see it from a new exciting perspective.

⚠ WARNINGRuein’s journey is graphic, violent, and sprinkled with spicy curses. ‘The Books’ are certainly not for young readers. This is fantasy that is dark, humorous, with a wicked sense of fun.

Book one is a complete rpg style fantasy novel. Promise, no need to wade through trilogies to see if it has a quality ending. The Book is a necromancy series for fans of swords & sorcery best sellers, dungeons & dragons novels, especially those who enjoy d&d 3.5 adventures (as well as dnd 5e). For those that know a dread necromancer, this dark heroine may ruin you in a way unlike any before.