The Crystal Eye

A bloodthirsty sorcerer seeks the power of the dragon lord’s crystal to rule the world. Can an escaped slave stop the evil that threatens to destroy all of humanity?
Genre: Fantasy | Library
Pages: 319
Dragons | Epic Fantasy


A thousand years ago the dragon lords ruled alongside humanity and guided them through the weave of magic. When greed tore humanity apart, a powerful mage rose up to fight the dragons for their claim. In a single battle, the dragons were slain, the mage disappeared, and magic was removed from the world forever.

Now Dusk, a slave miner of the nobles, has stumbled across the ancient remains of the dragon king and the crystal eye that holds all his power. With the crystal tucked safely away, Dusk makes his daring escape from the mines, setting out to find his long sought after freedom. But one night he’s attacked by bandits and the crystal comes to life, engulfing them all in an inferno and turning the bandits to ash. In that moment the world is made aware that magic is possible and an evil sorcerer now has his eye trained on Dusk.

Can Dusk hope to make it beyond the border of the kingdom in time or will the sorcerer take his life and claim the dragon’s power for himself?