The Dark Rises

Rainer was looking forward to serving his time and getting back to the cushy capital he came from, the last thing he expected was an ancient menace rising from the deserted lands around him.
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 320
Dark Fantasy | Military | Sword & Sorcery


Rainer expected to live out his days as a soldier patrolling the most pleasant place in the entire empire, the capital city. He had worked hard to get a post that would require little work and provide lots of fun for him. And that’s exactly what he found in the capital. Lazy patrols flirting with girls, nights drinking away his earnings at the brothel with his squad mates, it was all Rainer could ever ask for.

But that all changes with one simple mistake. Next thing he knows he’s being shipped out to worst place in the empire, the dread lands, to serve the rest of his time in the army. Rainer settles in for a life of monotony staring at hills and hills of dirt and rock. The nearest town is miles away and there’s only one road to get there. He’s stuck out there where the only thing to die of, is boredom.

But while on patrol his squad mate is attacked by a strange beast. Alarms are raised but it couldn’t be that big of deal. Just a strange animal that wandered out onto the wastes. But then there’s a stomping in the night and something marches for the raggedy outpost. Something not seen for many ages.

Now what he thought would be a life of drudgery has turned into a desperate struggle for survival. Can he face this ancient threat? Can he keep his squad mates together and alive? And can he take them out of the dread lands? Or will all be lost?