The Epsilon Indi Factor

An Interstellar Convergence
Series: Stand Alone
Pages: 473
First Contact


On a distant world orbiting a dying star, a civilization seeks solutions to save themselves from impending doom. Ancient supernatural forces may be tipping the scales of fate as time runs out.

Cryptic hints have been left by a long-extinct civilization.
Apollo Panthils has been designated by the Oracle as having a special role to play in saving his planet. But, the reluctant hero just wants to live an ordinary life. He finds peace in the tranquility of the night sky.

An accidental device activation has brought three amateur astronomers from Earth to their planet.
A history teacher, a ham radio operator, and a field biologist. Apollo’s interest in stargazing has put him at the top of the list to look after them.

Despite pushback and prejudice, the interstellar friends work together to decipher clues left by distant ancestors. Clues that might hold the key to their survival.