The Fiera Princess

Over four hundred years ago, Malachai Noble’s family murdered mine.
Pages: 252
futuristic romance | Paranormal | Urban Fantasy


Days ago, he personally ordered the death of my best friend, and in doing so, stole whatever future Roman DeLuca and I were tiptoeing toward.
Now I’m Malachai’s prisoner, with no way home, and nowhere to go but forward.
He’s my escort toward execution.
But I go willingly, because the moment I step on to enemy territory, I intend to avenge centuries of sins committed upon my people.
My name is Tallulah Aurelia Della Katarina King, and soon, I’m to be crowned queen of Luméa—but first, I must prove I don’t need a king.
If only the long days, and steamy nights I’ve spent with my enemy in this bloodthirsty forest weren’t making me doubt myself.