The Girl from Moscow’s Edge

A missing little brother. A murdered accomplice. A pissed-off crime boss. Her troubles are only beginning.
Pages: 168
International Mystery | Russian Literature


Zoya Volkova finds him on the icy garage floor. Her friend and accomplice, in a puddle of his own blood. Maybe it was one of the rich Muscovites they scammed for a car repair in that very garage. Maybe it has to do with the heist they’ve planned, the job that could change their lives.

Her boyfriend wants to go on with the rip-off. Her bestie talks her out of it. Caught up in a whirlwind of mistrust, Zoya learns about terrible things her estranged mother has done to Zoya’s siblings. Now she needs this money to mitigate the damage, but is it safe when she suspects everyone?

Racing against time, at odds with the police, a local crime boss, and her own conscience, Zoya needs to find out who murdered her partner. Will she fix her life or will she lose everything?